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Blocked Drain Sydney

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Blocked Drain Pricing Structure

How we charge for our services

We are a small local family business established in the same location for over 50 years and are focused on providing good old fashioned service, we rely on client referrals in order to grow, which ensures customer satisfaction.

Beware of drain cleaning scams!, click here for more information.

Our blocked drain and drain maintenance services.

Maintenance services for blocked drains are only carried out while the home owner is present.  We provide a fully equipped service vehicle and one licensed Plumber with a minimum of 30 years experience for blocked drains and maintenance services at a fixed half hourly rate.

Our price includes all time on-site, GST and everything necessary to clear blocked drains and diagnose the blockage, including all hand tools, high-pressure water jet for clearing blocked drains and CCTV drain camera and electronic location equipment for diagnosing and locating drainage issues.

We are located in the middle of Sydney’s northern suburbs and beaches and do not charge a separate "callout fee" for local customers situated north of Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River, south of Hornsby and Mona Vale and East of the Northern Rail Line (Normanhurst in the North & Ryde in the South). A surcharge to cover extra travel time does apply to calls made outside this area

Q. How long does it normally take to clear a blocked drain?
A. How long is a piece of string?

Clearing a blocked drain can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a number of hours. The time it takes to clear a blocked drain is determined by a combination of  a number of factors including but not limited to site conditions, equipment used, the type of service being cleared (sewer, storm water), the type and degree of blockage we are dealing with (tree roots, damaged pipes, grease, toilet paper, foreign object, dirt, sand etc), the design of the drainage network, available access into the drain and the length, size and type of drain (earthenware, clay, PVC, cast iron, copper etc) to be cleared.

Our drain cleaning process

1. Meet with home owner. Discuss the current blocked drain issue and any past history of blocked drains etc.
2. Locate a suitable cleanout or access point to clear the blocked drain from. Inspect sewer service diagram if available.
3. Jet line with high pressure penetrating nozzle to clear pipe work and blast away blockage, backed up water and debris.
4. Carry out CCTV camera inspection with home owner to diagnose blockage, inspect condition of pipe work and confirm drain is clear. If pipe work is clean with no tree root intrusions drain cleaning work is finished. Go to step 6.
5. If tree root intrusions are present. Jet line with hydraulic high pressure root cutting nozzle to cut away tree roots. Carry out CCTV camera inspection with home owner to confirm drain is clear. Repeat this step as required until all tree roots have been removed.
6. Provide information and advice to owner - Job finished. :)

Sewer blockages: Its not essential however if you have a copy of the Sydney Water Sewer Service Diagram for your property please have it available for the attending Plumber as this can save us time and you money. If you don’t have one you can obtain a copy via Sydney Water by clicking here.

To make a booking contact us on 02 9451 0488 or 0414 516 215 and speak directly to a licensed Plumber.
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